Imacrew artists / MILAN

Timur Lattarulo

Timur has been surrounded by hairdressing since childhood, growing up in his mother'ssalon in Ukraine. At a young age, he moved to Italy and began his career at 17 working in one of the mostpopular hair salon in Milan, with particular attention to trends and the constant goal ofcreating his own fashion idea. Timur's introduction to Fashion was offered the position when he attends him at FashionWeek in London, Milan and Paris, which led to him having the opportunity to workbackstage with industry legends Sam McKnight, Holli Smith , Guido Palau and Jawara. Timur's creations are often featured in the pages of L'Officiel, Roll up mag, Flanelle mag,Pump mag, Spaghetti mag, Iconic Artist and Pap mag.