Imacrew artists / MILAN

Marko Urbani

“Makeup has no rules,” says Marko. “With makeup, the possibilities are endless.”

Marko Urbani is an Italian beauty expert/makeup & hair artist and recognized as one of the leading Italian talents in the world of beauty. He defines himself an “unconventional MUA” for his great vision and expertise in all areas of makeup: beauty, fashion, photographic, cinema, bridal, special effects and 3D. Creative and passionate, Marko is a great team player who has been collaborating with leading talents in the world of photography and styling. Marko has been collaborating with leading companies to develop innovative makeup products in highly competitive markets. His approach is holistic and ethical at the same time, encouraging brands to develop the right products for the right target groups with common sense, simplicity and respect for the people and the planet.

Marko grew up in Rome, where beauty can be found in every corner. His passion for art and beauty has been inspired by the great Italian history, art and movie stars. His love of makeup, photography, and design was fostered during his studies at Gil Cagné Academy in Rome, MUD Makeup Designory in Los Angeles and Milan.