Imacrew artists / MILAN

Federica Paola Muscella

Federica Muscella at the age of 15 already collaborates with an important Italian photographer, starting as an assistant in his photographic studio in the capital. From that moment on she began to travel between Rome and Milan and for two years she also had the opportunity to collaborate with another photographer, this time Australian, which opened her horizons on the international fashion scene.
She fell even more in love, if possible, with his work. Her career as a fashion photographer flies for several years between the Fashion Weeks of Milan and Paris, until her curiosity leads her to shoot for some big Food companies, thanks to which she gets passionate about still and lifestyle shots.
In 2018 I move to Verona, where I follow Giulia De Lellis as a personal photographer. He accompanies her in all her travels, and shoots campaigns, events and fashion weeks all over the world with her. In 2020 I finally find the house of my dreams and move permanently to Milan. Today she shoots wherever her camera takes her, with the same eyes full of passion and enthusiasm as when, as a child, she took her first pictures with her polaroid.